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LH002 - RAPID CITIES - machinery saints CD

Image of LH002 - RAPID CITIES - machinery saints CD


Released May 2009

Track list: Manhattan's Hymn, In My Mind, Dreams of Fahey, There Is a Black Hole, J.aunt O.n D.ying Y.oung, The NRA & NWA, Asexual Predator, Space Is Infinite, Down at the Fleshpot, Most of the Time, My Arms Are the Anchors My Legs Are the Sea

"Machinery Saints flows with the wild abandon of creativity that can't be restrained. They travel the roads of post-hardcore without regard for safety, attacking the sharp angles and starts and stops and stutters with more rage than plan. Oddly enough though, they remained focused, probably by sheer inertia, and their creativity delivers even as it evolves. While there is more than a hint of math rock throughout the album, the band does their math in their heart, not just their head. Feeling their way rather than planning it doesn't dispel their confidence, but rather bolsters it by simple force of will. Amazing." - Rock and Roll and Meandering Nonsense

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